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to Emily Pantalone Yoga

a space for breathing and being 

in New York City

I work with clients of all ages 

in studios, corporate environments, schools, and one-on-one.



I do this work because I believe that yoga has the power to better your 

physical and mental life. 

Whether you're looking for pain relief,

stress relief, flexibility, strength, or greater self-awareness, this practice is for you. 

Much of my training is in anatomy and yoga therapeutics. No matter the setting, I educate my students about their bodies.

In this way, my work is both specific

and freeing. I want my students to leave class feeling lighter, stronger, and empowered.

I believe in living unapologetically, in taking care of yourself first, and in practicing attention.




At Emily Pantalone Yoga, we connect with our deepest selves through the breath and movement of this ancient practice.

Read more about Emily Pantalone on the About Me page.

Learn more about my class offerings on the Classes page. 

Want to connect? Email me here!


For more photos of Veetzie the yoga kitty, follow us on Instagram.

Brilliant photography courtesy of Emily Poole: 



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