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Le Schedule


5- 6:30pm: Yoga Tune Up® Relief & Release | Yogasole



9:30-10:45am: Weekday Wake-Up | Dou Yoga



7-7:45am: Morning Flow 2.0 | Dou Yoga



9:30-10:45am: Yoga Tune Up® Relief & Release | Yogasole



7-7:45am: Morning Express | Dou Yoga


4:45-6:15pm: Yoga Tune Up® Relief & Release | Dou Yoga

In my classes, you can expect...

laughter, poetry, challenging postures, eclectic playlists, specific alignment cues, fun inversions, meditation, breath breath breath, stupid jokes, Beyoncé. 

Class Descriptions

Weekday Wake-Up

Start your morning with an eye opening flow. We start gentle - integrating body and breath through simple movements and stretches. As we flow, I give variations of difficult postures to accomodate what fits your body best today. New theme (and new playlist!) every class, to awaken, enliven, and concentrate your best energies for the week ahead!

Morning Express

This class is designed to energize your body, and bring calm focus to your mind. I use dynamic and static poses to open up your breath, get the energy flowing, and set you up for a fantastic day.

Conscious Flow

Explore the practice of attention. As students flow through traditional asanas, the movements will be focused and steady. Students will also explore pranayama breathing techniques that deepen awareness of the body, mind, and highest self. We end class together in a short guided meditation. 

Yoga Tune Up® Relief & Release

For people who have pain in their mind, body, or soul. We locate and relieve stress and tension in the body using rubber therapy balls and various Yoga

Tune Up® corrective exercises. This work is great for athletes, nine-to-five-ers, and anyone who lives with injury or pain. In class we will address your specific needs. Come in with stress, leave with peace.

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Private Sessions

My private sessions are custom-tailored to your needs. I’ve worked with clients with a range of personal goals – be it relaxation, meditation, increased strength, injury recovery, better concentration, or general fitness. Because my background is increasingly therapeutic, I bring therapeutic exercises even into my traditional yoga teaching. We work with the body, the breath, the mind, and the spirit to bring you a sense of wholeness. You tell me what you want out of your yoga, I watch how your body responds to our work, and together we create a practice that leads you towards greater health and wellness.



I teach both out of my studio apartment near Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, and I travel to clients. My rates vary depending on location and your specific needs. For a quote, or to discuss if a one-on-one yoga practice is right for you, please reach out to me via my contact page. 


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